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Individuals from all sectors, Kenyans living and working in the diaspora, chamas and corporates
Yes, Ukulima Sacco has an open common bond and therefore members of the public are eligible to join.
Can join from the age of 18 years and above.
Yes one can still retain membership after retirement through pension standing order contributions or through business income
This is a member with a FOSA bank account only for transactions.
  • Accumulate savings through monthly contributions
  • Favorable interest rates on loans
  • Instant loans
  • Annual dividends on shares and interest on deposits
  • Investment opportunities
  • Insurance Fund on member deposits, loans and nuclear family upon death
  •  A fully filled Membership Application Form including next of kin and Spouse and
  • Children Form
  • Copy of the National Identity Card (Both sides)
  • Copy of current pay slip (if employed)
  • A recent colored passport size photograph.
  • Employer check off
    Bank standing orders
  • Through Ukulima Kash App or USSD *882#
  • Ukulima SACCO Pay Bill 953400 with your ID as the Account Number
  • Over the counter cash deposit
  • Ukulima Agents
  • Suluhu Platform
  • Share capital – This is a Member’s equity in the form of issued and fully paid up shares of common stock . It represents ownership of the SACCO.
  • Deposits – These are the regular monthly deposits. They are used to determine eligibility for a loan and are used as loan security. Deposits can only be refunded/withdrawn when one ceases to be a member.
  • Haba na Haba Deposit– This is a voluntary savings account to enable members accumulate wealth through capitalization of annual returnms.
Yes, you can purchase more shares beyond the minimum spelt out in the Sacco By-Laws
You can either boost by paying cash or applying for a loan to boost your deposits.
The share capital is non-refundable but transferable to an existing SACCO member or sold to a SACCO member when you cease being a member.

Also referred to as Insurance Fund, this is a mandatory insurance scheme for all Ukulima SACCO members. Each member contributes Kshs. 400/- on monthly basis.

The fund is used to pay for the last expense benefits, pay off the outstanding loans for a deceased member and double the deposits refundable to the beneficiary (nominee).

The fund is used pay off the outstanding loans for a deceased member , double the deposits refundable to the nominee (Next of Kin) and pay Last Expense benefits to member, spouse and Children (in case of death). The fund also provide cover in the event of total and permanent disablement of a member occurring during the period of insurance prior to the date of assured’s 75th birthday.

Upon death of a member or spouse or member,s child, the insured shall at their own expense notify the Society promptly in writing and in no case later than 9 (Nine) months from the date of the event giving rise to the claim. Claims submitted after this period are not admissible.
Member’s Spouse and Children must be declared by the Member to the Society prior to occurrence of death Dully completed Claim form Deceased Member’s/spouse/child ID copy both front and Back (The ID should be the new generation) or Birth Certicate if deceased child is a minor Original burial permit notification dully stamped and signed by the issuing facility, and copy of the same
  • Last Expense: 48 hours upon submission of full documentations
  • Loans, Deposit & PTD : 7 days upon submission of full documentations and receipt of insured deposits from the insurance.
Download the Spouse and Children Form from Ukulima Sacco website or get one through your respective Branch Official or Ukulima Sacco FOSA Branches or Field Marketing Represenatives
The contributions are non-refundable annual insurance premiums.
Yes, returns in form of interest / rebates on deposits and dividend on shareholding are earned per annum.
As long as you had savings in form of shares or savings or both as at 31st December of any given year
Dividends are paid to your FOSA account and you can withdraw across the counter at any FOSA branch or by dialling *882# to withdraw to your M-pesa
  • We offer Front Office Savings Activity (FOSA) loans, Back Office Savings Activity (BOSA) loans, Micro Credit and Homeplan loans.
  • Members qualify for loans after continuous contribution of six months apart from Chipukizi Loan which can be accessed by newly employed staff in the public service who qualify for the loan after on Month’s check off remmittance or two months salary through FOSA
  • Prescibed loan application form, dully completed and signed.
    Attach certified copies of two most recent months’ pay slips National ID Card
  • Non salaried members are required to attach the most recent six (6) months FOSA savings or BIZ Current account statement
  • Loan form should be endorsed by Branch Officials
  • Security if form of at-least three guarantors who should be active members or acceptable collateral
  • A member can have more than one loan in the SACCO from various categories on offer as long as one has the ability to pay and meets other applicable requirements
  • Emergency, School Fees and FOSA loans are processed within 2 work days while long term development loans within 10 working days
  • A member can self guarantee aloan upto 90% of the deposits accumulated and must not have guarantorship liability
  • The ratio for our BOSA, FOSA and Micro Credit loans are is 1:3 , 1:4 and 1:5 respectively.
  • Micro credit loan should however be secured by tangible collateral to access the 5 times multiplier
Three latest pay slip (original) and Copy of National Identity card or Six months certified bank statement Offer letter or sales agreement Copy of title deed
Maximum loan limit for makao halisi is kshs 6.0 million within Nairobi metropolitan and kshs 5.0 million for other regions of the country .And the maximum loan limit for makao bora loan is kshs 8.0 million.
A member qualifies for a mortgage loan after attaining full membership.
Makao Halisi and Makao Bora mortgages are only for owner occupier or owner residential house. Investment Mortgage can be for either residential, commercial or industrial purposes
Processing fee Valuation fee Stamped duty for outright purchase Annual Insurance Fees Legal Fees
  • Processing fee
  • Valuation fee
  • Stamped duty for outright purchase
  • Annual Insurance Fees
  • Legal Fees
About 90 working days upon submission of relevant documents and particulars
All active members (whether individual or group) of Ukulima Sacco
  • Three latest pay slips or most recent six (6) months FOSA Savings or BIZ Current Account or Pamoja Current
  • Account statement Business
  • Permits/Licences
  • Copy of Title Deed/Logbook
  • Copy of National Identity Card (ID)
This depends on the loan product type with the maximum being 96 months.
A member qualifies for a Micro Credit loan after attaining full membership subject to atleast 6months being in the Sacco for individuals or two months for groups.
One can take Micro Credit Loans for any legitimate economic activities i.e working capital, construction, school fees, hospital bills etc.
  • Processing Fees
  • Valuation Fees
  • Insurance Fees
  • Legal Fees
  • Excise Duty
Between one week and 90 working days depending with the type of collateral used.
Yes, we have different types of accounts you can open like Fosa Savings, Biz Current, Junior, Fixed Deposit, Elimu, Holiday, Pamoja Savings accounts
We offer very competitive interest rates depending on amount invested and period.
Nairobi customers get instant Cards and PINs upon visiting FOSA Office, It takes 3 days for customers in other FOSA branches and 14 working days for Customers not within FOSA Branches.
Yes, the FOSA offer many other banking services such as Salary Processing, Standing Order Services, Bankers Cheques, over the Counter services, Electronic Money Transfers etc
Check thorough your mobile phone by dialing *882# or through Ukulima Kash App.
  • Balance inquiry
  • Cash withdrawal
  • Payments and deposits
  • Loans
  • Accounts Mini statement
  • Dividend Slip
  • Funds Transfer
  • Utility Payments
You are need to register at your nearest Fosa Branch by visiting and filling our U-KASH Application Form.
Erroneous deductions occur when a member has been deducted over the agreed rate of repayment or deductions after a loan has been cleared .
The member need to fill and submit Refunds Claim Form Attach pay slips relating to the erroneous deduction Submit through email/ Ukulima HQ/ FOSA Branches/ Branch Officials/ Field Marketing Represenatives
In the erroneous deduction form the member indicates how the refund should be done such as Credit to deposits, reduce other loan or pay through FOSA Account
This is a product for employed members who are almost retiring that have been served with retirement notice awaiting for their pension
50% of the net deposits after clearing all other laibilites in the Sacco.
  • Complete the Partial withdrawal form
  • Attach copies of the Latest payslip , National Identity Card (ID) and Notice of retirement
  • Submit the documents to Ukulima HQ/ FOSA Branches/ Branch Officials/ Field Marketing Represenatives
Partial withdrawal service is limited to once in a financial year per member
Yes, provided you channel your pension through Ukulima FOSA.

Complete the prescribed Membership Withdrawal Notice (Form) which is readily available at our offices.

A member needs to inform all the guarantors he/she has guaranteed so that they seek alternative guarantor(s) for their outstanding loans.

The process takes 60 working days from the date of receipt of the withdrawal notice at the SACCO and only when the necessary requirements have been met i.e. member must have cleared all his/her liabilities with the SACCO and has replaced all the members he/she has guaranteed

No, you can continue with your membership by remitting deposit contributions and benevolent of at-least Kshs.500/- and Kshs.400/- respectively per month.
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