How to apply for our Atm.

  • Fill the Atm Application Forms which are available from our website or any of our branches
  • Attach Copy of Your National ID
  • Present the forms to the nearest branch for verification and application
  • Once ready the card and PIN Mailer will be sent to your nearest Branch for Collection
  • We have Instant ATM Cards which are issued When you Visit any of our Branches, For Nairobi Branch Its same day Service other Branches takes two days

Benefits of using ATM services.

  • Our ATMS are Visa Branded therefore can transact from any VISA branded points worldwide e.g pay bills, make withdrawals and payments
  • Use of our Atm for purchasing is free of charge.
  • Transaction from the co-op bank ATMs costs only 36 shillings
  • Atm Outlets are spread country wide hence easily accessible
  • Stable network
Frequently Asked Questions
How long does it take to get an Atm

It takes One week for normal Applications, we have Instant Applications which take 1to 2 days

How much is the maximum Limits per day

Maximum withdrawal per Day is 40,000

Where can I access your ATMs

Use Co-op Bank ATMs or any other VISA branded ATMs

How long does the Atm card Last

Our ATMS expire after 5years

Can I access money from another ATM apart from Co-op ATMs

You can access money from any Visa Branded ATMS

What can i do if I have forgotten my pin and my card is blocked

Fill the Pin Replacement form to apply for a new pin

Can I use the card to transact my other Bank accounts

The ATM card is linked to your FOSA account only

Safe Custody Service
Safe Custody Service

We offer Safe custody services for your Important and Sensitive documents e.g Certificates Title Deeds, Log Books, Sale Agreements, Academic and Professional Certificates etc.

Benefits of safe custody
Mobile Banking Services

Our members are able to access their accounts through our UKash Services by Dialling our USSd code *882#

Benefits of using Ukash

How to Apply for Ukash

The less water you use, the less runoff and wastewater that eventually end up in the ocean.

  • Visit your nearest FOSA branch
  • Fill the UKASH Application Forms and Attach copy of your ID
  • Submit for Application and Activation of the Mobile Banking Services
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